Many free services

Numerous services completely free of charge: platform registration, Spanish address, unlimited receipt of packages, photos of the packages, weight, and dimensions of the packages received so that you can calculate the cost of forwarding without surprises and free storage for the first 15 days.

Low shipping rates

We negotiate shipping rates directly with our trusted carriers to offer you the best rate.

Exclusive transport insurance

We offer transport insurance negotiated exclusively for you, so don't forget to take it out when requesting the forwarding of your purchases!
For more information, please check our Terms and Conditions.

Bargain hunter

We look for the best deals so that you pay the lowest price for your online purchases.

Multi-modal customer service

We offer a personalised multimodal customer service (e-mail, social networks, WhatsApp and Telegram) so that you can resolve all your queries. We also offer you personalised advice on how to make your online purchases.

No shipping calculators

Unlike other platforms, we offer fixed shipping rates, depending on the destination, weight, and size of the package.
With us, you won't get any surprises.

Fixed rates, including VAT

Fixed rates and prices including VAT (where applicable) so that you don't get any unpleasant surprises when you pay.

Bulky boxes

We have very bulky boxes so that you can consolidate your packages into one box and save on international shipping costs.

Two-click identity verification

Quick and easy identity verification process for all our customers.

We are ECO!

Our cardboard shipping boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable. No ink is used in printing. Reuse them or recycle in the blue bin. For protection, we use recycled cardboard and cornstarch chips that can be used as fertiliser. Our lightweight materials reduce transport costs.



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We offer you the best rates so you can save by forwarding your purchases back home.


We offer you safe international transport thanks to our global network of trusted carriers.


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